Read. Write. Evacuate.

Written by Jane C. Perkins, Ed. D.

Illustrated by Jamie Forgetta

Continue to build community and trust in your school!  This book is a must have read-aloud in any classroom!

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Read. Write. Evacuate. illustrates the importance of being responsible and safe during emergencies at school.  Several scenarios, such as fire drills, intruder drills, and evacuations, are explained through the eyes of elementary children.

This book is also for educators who have struggled to find clear, concise, developmentally appropriate language that explains school safety and emergencies.  It also provides teachers with common language for talking to students about being safe and responsible.

The young characters in the text explain why it is important to practice school safety, but they emphasize that trust in the adults in their school is necessary to keep them safe.  Schools have successfully implemented fire drills for years.  But when it comes to protecting children from other dangerous situations at school, teachers lack confidence (Perkins, 2015). 

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Jane C. Perkins

Author & Illustrator


Read. Write. Evacuate.Written by Jane C. Perkins, Ed. D.Illustrated by Jamie Forgetta